New Martha Kronholm Album – FREE DOWNLOAD!

Posted on May 08, 2009 by Collar City Records

Another addition to the Collar City Records FREE category is a very personal, self-recorded album from Princess Mabel’s Martha Kronholm!

Martha Kronholm / NYC

Here’s what Martha has to say about I lived in Brooklyn too: Summer 2007:

I wrote the songs for this little collection while living in The Big City for the summer of 2007 (mostly, 1 1/2 tunes were older); you know, the main city you hear about sometimes. The songs are all more or less about that whole thing, if you know what I mean. Then the songs were recorded in one big streaming gesture on The Four Track, all by my/herself, with the exception of Frank playing the drums on the “You’re So Pretty” out-tro, about 4 months later. Frank absolutely did not set up any mics for me, so yeah. Then times were busy, and it took a while to mix, which I also did all by myself. Take that, Equipment. These songs are about the usual stuff, love and fear and loneliness and capitalism. Please to enjoy. Love, me.

1. Platform
2. Private Jet
3. You’re So Pretty
4. VCR
5. Nowhere
6. You’ll Move

Download (.zip file – 31MB – 320kbps mp3s)
Martha KronholmI lived in Brooklyn too: Summer 2007

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