New Release : George Muscatello – “Angel Dust”

Posted on May 20, 2010 by Collar City Records

Picture of George Muscatello's Angel Dust CD

Another surprise release from a shamefully under-recorded Capital Region artist comes from George Muscatello today.

This album is a glorious dissection and reassembly of guitar music; forms and styles are explored, torn apart, abandoned and launched from, carving out a distinct world that clearly encapsulates every disparate element of George’s musical existence.

Metal? Jazz? Doom? Funk? Languid Balladry?

It’s all there.

Read Josh Potter’s excellent profile of George and Angel Dust in Metroland Magazine today.

Then, listen to the first two songs from Angel Dust.

Finally, head to the Collar City Records store to purchase your copy of this monumental album.

The physical manifestation of this album features a gorgeous silk-screened tab-n-slot sleeve designed by Phil Pascuzzo and printed by Sire Press.

All proceeds (after shipping and PayPal charges) go to feeding the hungry.